Administrative procedures

Update latest: 25.02.2015 16:48

There are so many administrative procedures in Viet Nam, therefore we will help you deal with these procedures such as:
Investment procedure:
-    Establish a business entrepreneur with foreign investment capital
-    Establish a representative office of Foreign Company in Vietnam
-    Guaranteed investment certificate
-    Make an investment strategy
-    Certificate for economic businessman

Building procedure:
-    Ask for Planning Permit and Structure Permit.
-    Ask for Building Permit
-    Ask for Environment Permit
-    Ask for Controlled Burn Permit

Export-import procedure:
-    Make an international contract
-    Bank guarantee
-    International shipment procedure
-    Guarantees on Goods procedure
-    Import –Export procedure for business goods, investment goods, handmade goods, temporary import and re-export goods, exporting goods, Export Processing products, on-the-spot import and export goods, non-profit goods, and other special kinds of products
-    Procedures to ask for List of Import Machine Permit to make the Audit Tax Exemption, ask for confirming and syncing for all investment projects.
-    Classification, quarantine and accreditation procedures

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