Agency Plan

Update latest: 30.10.2015 10:55

Agency Plan

Besides becoming a Gold Member, B2Bvietnam Member can also gain more income by joining our Agency plan.

The Agency plan will not require more personal or time from your business to expand your network. B2Bvietnam will be in charge of selling and distributing your products as well as collecting payments from buyers.

In Agency plan, B2Bvietnam will represent your business to do the followings without charging:

  • Advertise products and look for new buyers.
  • Sales works.
  • Distribution works (logistics).
  • Receive payments from buyers.

All B2Bvietnam Members can join our Agency plan without additional fee as long as:

  • Being in the B2Bvietnam Member plan.
  • Being evaluated by B2Bvietnam and agreed upon selling, price policies and commission on each deal.

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