A guidebook for buying on B2BVIETNAM

Update latest: 23.01.2015 15:51


B2BVIETNAM is an ecommercial website for business firms (B2B), therefore please contact the thread starters through contact information for more details about products.

1. How to search for products.

Enter the name of products to searching tab or searching tool on the website.


To quickly find necessary information, you should choose and search in a particular topic as the picture below


2. Contact the producer

If you have interest in any product among threads, please directly contact to the thread staters (or business firms) to order goods. Contact information could be found at the end of the threads.



3. Order goods directly on products

When you click on the “000” button, detail information of products will be presented. You only need to fill up the order form and send it.


After your order process succeeded, B2BVIETNAM will send your order form to the producers and save another copy of your order to Order list management to help you manage your orders easily.


4. In “Buying goods” task

In case you can not find any product that meets your needs, you can click on “Buying goods” to make an order so that other business firms having produces which could find your order easily.


Details information of your orders  

If you require any further details please    Contact us