Loan payments

Update latest: 25.02.2015 14:38


Apply for any enterpreneur in Vietnam.

In details:

- Maximum amount of money to lend for a customer: 5 billion Vnd; including accumulation

- Lending Percentage: maximum 50% of the bill (but less than maximum lending amount)

- Maximum time of payment: 6 month

- Principle money and interest money both must be paid at the end of term.

- Time of confirming: 24h since you apply all documents ( list of documents)

- List of goods accepting sponsor (list)

- List of ports accepting sponsor (list)

- List of warehouse accepting sponsor (list)

- Guarantee for goods transfered by road, guarantee for inventory goods for buyers


- Good need to order ( link )

- Contents of a final Negotiating: upload file

- upload lending document

Any further information, please  Contact