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I. General principles:
   This Regulation applies to the management board member exchanges and use registration and participation in promotional programs implementing in Exchange Ecommerce www.b2bvietnam.vn
   "ECommerce www.b2bvietnam.vn Exchange (b2bvietnam) by DV Email Connected Limited Vietnam is now managing unit, responsible management and implementation of the provision of information to connect businesses demand - selling together, creating business opportunities for businesses. "
   Member to trading on e-commerce transactions is B2BVIETNAM merchants, organizations and individuals wishing to purchase and use of goods and services on the Exchange. Members must register early to declare personal information is concerned, the management committee of e-marketplaces and accredited B2BVIETNAM allowed to use services provided by the EC B2BVIETNAM Exchange.
   ► B2BVIETNAM Services on offer:
Services, import and export consulting.
Product ads.
E-office services.
Advertising design.
Administrative procedures
   - When you sign up as a member of B2BVIETNAM, members understand that:
  + Members can create their own personal account to use.
  + Members can purchase goods and services at prices and regulations according to the commitments of legitimate traders announced on the floor
  + Members can purchase on site to use for yourself, or as a gift for others.
  + Members must protect their password and monitor the use of your account, Member acknowledges and agrees that the Member responsible for any personal information involved, including the use account alone, and Members shall bear full responsibility for any Member who is allowed access to it.
  + Members represent that you have the right to provide any and all information. Users to the site, that information is only about himself, and all such information is accurate, true and complete. The content of this Regulation comply with the current regulations of Vietnam. Members participating in e-commerce transactions B2BVIETNAM Floors must understand their legal responsibilities to existing laws of Vietnam and the commitment to comply with the content of the regulation of e-commerce transactions B2BVIETNAM floor.
II. General rules:
    1. The domain name exchanges:
    Established by the Company Limited Services Vietnam Business Connection with www.b2bvietnam.vn name and registered domain names, service providers Hosting: PAVietnam.
   2. Definitions:
   - Buyer: the merchants and organizations wishing to learn about products and services posted on website www.b2bvietnam.vn, the buyer must register for an account.
   - Seller: the merchants and organizations with products and services on the web site needs www.b2bvietnam.vn, set up booths and introducing products available.
  3. Classification of Members: 3 Category
   -Members Not been verified: there is limited published products (20 products), not direct quotes to customers.
   -Members Verified: Verified Members are members provide full dossiers and papers on such members and administrators check information to ensure the authenticity, could be published (40 sp), not direct quotes to customers.
   Corporate member: being a member providers (with fee) business will not be limited to the registration of products, direct quotes to customers, enjoy the promotions of the web, is Discount on advertising.

III.Quy transactions:
    Exchange Management Board B2BVIETNAM eCommerce search and referrals to member promotion of the business, individual business households and individuals that demand for the product promotion goods by organizations That's business is directly attractive prices and flexible payment method, members can consult and select buy and use multiple products, services promotions of different merchants are held made on the trading floor, if it deems fit individual needs.
1. Process for the purchase:
    a) Search products:
    - Enter the product name you want into the search box, search toolbars always appear at the top of the page or subpage.
    - To seek the fastest information should you choose specific categories when performing a search by selecting a category to search.
    b) Contact the seller:
    - If you are interested in posting news items in direct contact with all postings (now) to make ordering.
    - Contact information can be found at the bottom of posting.
   c) Order directly on the product:
   - Click on "Contact purchases" details of the product will be displayed full you enter information into the form and send orders.
   - After successfully conducting B2BVIETNAM orders will send your order to master product information and save the orders you've placed items line managers List makes it easy to manage your orders .
   d) In the checkout section:
   - If you do not find products to buy, you can go to the Order Purchase order creation to product businesses and cut easily find your orders.
   - Sign in to your account to order free, complete information on the order form to order products.
 ► Note: After you place an order successfully, all products will contact you to discuss and implement the transaction. B2BVIETNAM just medial posting help customers not to embark on the process of service delivery 3 so any issues or complaints during B2BVIETNAM payment will not be responsible. However, we will endeavor to assist you in the process of dispute resolution procedures as specified in Section 3 below to resolve disputes or complaints.
    2. The process for the sale / posting:
    a) Instructions on how to postings:
    Posting on website how www.b2bvietnam.vn
    Step 1: Choose Register and fill out the required information. After successful registration, the system will send an email notification www.b2bvietnam.vn to email friends a link to activate your account.
    Step 2: Log in and update the information on the system www.b2bvietnam.vn
    Step 3: Update your account information
    Step 4: Create products
    b) How to create the booth:
    - Once you have updated business information you have full adjustment as well as managing its own booth
    - After updating the information for the booth you can see medium interface design booth when clicking on "my booth"
    - There are many interesting and exciting features that you can use to increase information for booth as: contact us to receive information, CHAT to talk to customers, place orders quickly , you can display the interface design for the pavilion under appropriate distinctions with your service and many other interesting information.
    c) How to promote products:
    - There are 2 modes sign advertising the product information on the system www.b2bvietnam.vn
      + Post products to home: Increasing competitiveness viewers
      + Create Product Highlights: Increased competition for similar products
   - To sign up ads on b2bvietnam you can perform the following steps:
   Step 1: Register the product and where to sign.
   Step 2: Select a location and time to post the system will confirm the time and your location will be displayed on www.b2bvietnam.vn
   ► Note: Due to demand registration of too many booths during the show position outside home are limited. Should the system should be confirmed again in time to be displayed outside the home (maybe earlier or later than the registration period, usually later than the number registered for the winter time) .
   3. Resolving disputes and complaints:
   a) The process of settlement of disputes and complaints:

  Participants are encouraged to file a complaint, grievance to management board B2BVIETNAM eCommerce site when disputes occur. In the event of reconciliation between the two parties is not accepted, the consumer may file a complaint, grievance to B2BVIETNAM to resolve the dispute in accordance with the following process:
   Step 1: Receipt of complaints
    - Submit a complaint by mail or online at the website of the standard system in transaction e-commerce websites with content B2BVIETNAM mandatory.
    - Remember apparent reason and contents of the complaint (Username) www.b2bvietnam.vn available.
    - Report of the entire contents. Attach the following documents: (Required to have enough base to solve): The documents related to the transaction
    - Record full contact information of the complainant to the Management Board of e-commerce websites need B2BVIETNAM may contact directly addressed.
    - Submit all the things Management Board request on e-commerce websites B2BVIETNAM mail: B2BVIETNAM contact@b2bvietnam.vn
   Step 2: Evaluation and Investigation
   - B2BVIETNAM will conduct evaluation, complaint investigation.
   - Within three (03) working days from receipt of the complaint, B2BVIETNAM will proceed to determine whether the complaint falls under the scope of competence of B2BVIETNAM or not. If the complaint is not within the scope, jurisdiction, B2BVIETNAM would have written reply or reply via electronic means including telephone, email, fax.
   - If the complaint under the competence of B2BVIETNAM will conduct an investigation within fifteen (15) working days and send a written reply to the complaint by mail or electronic means including e-mail, fax. In the written reply, B2BVIETNAM will specify that the traders, organizations and individuals need to edit and timeframes for completion. Penalties were clearly stated in the written reply.
   - In the case of complex cases, the deadline for reply can be extended but not more than fifteen (15) working days.
      Step 3: Implement Results
   B2BVIETNAM responsible to supervise the changes, adjust and implement sanctions upon request in writing a response.
   b) Legal disclaimer:
   - B2BVIETNAM tried to get the information accurate enterprises to update the information on the basis of "reality and availability" [1] for your reference now. But do not give any B2BVIETNAM recognition or guarantee of any kind regarding ownership of products or services supplied by enterprises commercial nature.
   - Self-responsible enterprise risk or use information posted on B2BVIETNAM. Any member of B2BVIETNAM well as the agent, third party information provided is not legally responsible for the consequences, or serious damage, loss of the use of information or posting information page web, including losses caused by virus infection or any errors or lack of completeness of the information on the site.
   - B2BVIETNAM site may change at any time without notice if the changes do not affect the interests of participants on B2BVIETNAM floor.
  - B2BVIETNAM will not make any public comments and is not responsible for the content of any web page to any third party or parties linked to your website or business can visit b2bvietnam.vn. Without any public recognition for third parties and disclaims all liability for information of third parties as well as the use of information sites.
   - Enterprises are not based on the information provided on the website for investment decisions as such information does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale, trading or other transactions on information Commercial information B2BVIETNAM will not bear all the responsibility involved.
[1] Because all information is now provided always that snapshot at a time and there is nothing to ensure that no change should your business need to understand this when making decisions.
IV.Quy payment process
    B2bvietnam trading platform only supports businesses post information, helping businesses to contact each other, do not provide payment tool for business when the parties sign the contract.
    For toll transactions between businesses and Exchange B2Bvietnam as advertising, collecting membership fees, B2Bvietnam Exchange offers the following payment methods:
       - Direct payment at the office:
      Transactions during business hours 7:45 - 11h45 and 13h15 - 17h15 from No. 2 to No. 6
      Address: Level 8, VCCI building 171 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 5, District 3, HCMC
      Contact: Ms Kieu phone number: (08) 39322456 - Hotline: 0906 068 068
   - Payment via Bank:
     Name: Company Limited DV Vietnam Business Connections
     Account Number: 195140739
     CP Commercial Bank Asia - Truong Dinh Transaction
     SWIFT code (for foreign customers): ASCBVNVX
   - Pay online by credit card onepay or Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB)
   - Pay at the customer's address:
      With this method, the customer must provide the following information: Information trader; Tax code;
      Address the transaction; Contact phone number; Trading time

V. Guarantee Transaction Safety
    - The Management Board has used the service to protect information and the payment of the consumer. To ensure that the transactions are conducted successfully, minimizing risks that can arise, ask the Member to eCommerce Exchange B2BVIETNAM note and adhere to the contents of commitments with customers as follows :
   - Protects the supporting members of the Exchange system is designed for members can not order until members safe exit order;
   - As soon as a member click "Contact purchases" Members browser will go into safe mode. The data relating to the order of a member, the personal information of members and payment details will go through all our servers with encrypted form
   - Members should not give details about the payments to anyone with e-mail, we are not responsible for loss or members may suffer in the exchange of member information via internet or e-mail.
   - Members absolutely use any program, tool or other means to interfere or alter system data structures. Strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or cheer for any activity aimed at intervention, sabotage or system intrusion into the website. All violations will be handled according to regulations and the provisions of law.
   - All information is confidential transaction, unless required to provide the Agency required by law.
VI.Bao defense customer personal information:
   - B2BVIETNAM understand that customers are concerned about the personal information that customers have trusted to give us is confidential and used the stars.
   - B2BVIETNAM appreciate that trust and commitment that this information would be our maximum efforts to secure guaranteed B2BVIETNAM will use customer information in a reasonable manner, taking into consideration in order to constantly improve improve service quality and give customers the exciting experience when collaborating at our website.
   1. Visual amounts of personal information protection
     a) Personal information:

     When you subscribe to one user at B2BVIETNAM and your personal information such as email, password, company information, personal information will be B2BVIETNAM security .... and management. When the complaint or dispute that something happened B2BVIETNAM will be based on the personal information that you have subscribed to resolve complaints.
     b) Protection of information:
     B2BVIETNAM ensure that your information will be kept confidential 1 securely with multiple solutions and the latest technology.
   2. The customer has the right to check, update, modify or cancel personal information:
     -When The updated information you have full right now adjust and manage its own booth.
    -After Update information for customers booth can view the interface has designed booth.
    -How About a lot of features that customers can use to increase information for booth as: contact us to receive information, CHAT to talk to customers, order products quickly, customers can interface design displays for booths under the appropriate distinctions with customer service and many other information.
   3. Collect customer information
       -To Use of B2BVIETNAM services, customers must sign up for an account and provide some information such as email, name, phone number, company name, business registration number, address and some other information. Part of this registration procedure to help us verify your business and ensure reliability for our partners. You can choose not to give us some certain information but then you will not be entitled to get some gadgets which feature our offer.
      -We Also store any information you enter on the website or sent to B2BVIETNAM. This information will be used for purposes of responding to the request of customers, make appropriate suggestions for each customer while shopping at B2BVIETNAM, improve quality of goods and services and to contact you if shallow.
     Off-off, the transaction information including purchase history, process transactions, and payment methods are also stored B2BVIETNAM to address issues that may arise later.
   4. Use of Information
     - The purpose of collecting information is to build an eCommerce site B2BVIETNAM become most utilities offer to customers. Therefore, the use of information that will serve the following activities:
     - Introduction of new products and the promotion of suppliers are members on B2BVIETNAM
     - Provides some utilities, customer support services
     - Improving the quality of customer service B2BVIETNAM
     - Solve problems and disputes arising in relation to the use of websites - Prevents the operation violated Vietnamese law Na
  5. Commitment to customer information security:
     - B2BVIETNAM protect customer information during data transfer by encrypting the information you input.
    - Another important thing for customers is to protect yourself before the access to information about your password when the computer is shared with more people. Meanwhile, you should be sure to log off after using our services.
   - We are also committed to not intentionally disclose customer information, not sell or share customer information for the purpose of commercial B2BVIETNAM breach between our commitments to customers pursuant Privacy Policy B2BVIETNAM customer information.
   - B2BVIETNAM emphasize that we are very concerned about the interests of customers in the protection of personal information in case the customer should have comments, questions relating to the security policy of us, please contact:
   Service Company Limited Vietnam Business Connections VCCI Building 8th Floor 171 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
   Tel: 08.39322456 - Fax: 08.39322408
   Email: contact@b2bvietnam.vn
   * Note:
     Privacy Policy Customer information is only applicable B2BVIETNAM in B2BVIETNAM it does not include or relate to other third parties to advertise or have links in B2BVIETNAM we suggest you refer to and distinguish the differences in the security policy of the customer information of this website.
VII. Management of bad news:
      1) Management of bad news

       - Members will be responsible for security and storage of all operations using the services under the registered name, your password. Members are responsible for timely notification to the Stock Exchange Electronic Trading B2BVIETNAM about acts unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, storage and password registered name of a third party to take measures appropriate resolution.
     - Members not using the services of e-commerce transaction floor B2BVIETNAM purposes illegal, improper, fraudulent, threatening, exploration information illegal, destructive, creating and spreading viruses damage to the system, configuration, transmission of information or to use its services for purposes of speculation and market manipulation to create fake orders, including the service of the judgment of market demand. In case of violation, the member shall be responsible for their acts before the law.
    - Members shall not change, edit, assign transplant, copy, disseminate, distribute, supply and create the same tools of Exchange services B2BVIETNAM EC provides a third party without the the consent of the Exchange eCommerce B2BVIETNAM in this Regulation.
    - Members shall not act in a manner discrediting Exchange B2BVIETNAM any form as causing disunity among members using registered names secondly, through a third party or propagating information was not conducive to the reputation of e-commerce transaction floors B2BVIETNAM
   - Traders set up websites to sell goods and services on the list of goods, business services conditional certificate of business qualification shall publish on its website the number, date and place of issue certificates of satisfaction of business conditions for goods and services that:

2) Sales of goods and services banned from trading on B2BVIETNAM
    ► Goods:
        - Hunting rifles and ammunition hunting guns, sporting weapons, support tools;
       - Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of finished cigarettes;
       - Wine;
       - Plants, rare wildlife, including living organisms and their parts have been processed;
       - The commodity trading restrictions as prescribed by law. - The narcotics.
       - The products of cultural reactionary, depraved, superstitious or harmful to aesthetic education, personality.
       - The gun.
       - Dangerous Toys, toys harmful to ethical education and children's health or national security, social order and social security (including the latest electronic game programs).
       - Veterinary drugs, plant protection drugs banned or not permitted for use in Vietnam under the provisions of the Animal Health Ordinance, the Ordinance on Plant Protection and Phytosanitary.
       - Plants, wildlife (including gomca living and their parts that are processed) on the list of things to which Vietnam is uocquoc membership rules and the plants and animals on the list quyhiem prohibit exploitation and use.
      - Fisheries prohibit mining, fisheries toxic residues exceeding the permitted limits, aquatic toxicity gaynguy natural human life-threatening.
      - Fertilizer is not in the list duocphep production, trading and use dungtai Vietnam.
      - Seed is not in the permitted production danhmuc business; seed production and harm to human health, the environment, sinhthai system.
      - Domestic animals do not have the list of those permitted for production and trading; giongvat livestock harm human health, animal genetic resources, the environment and ecosystems.
     - Mineral special and hazardous.
     - Scrap import of polluting the environment.
     - The types of medicines for people, assorted vaccines and medical bio, cosmetics, chemicals and insecticides and disinfectants in the household and healthcare sectors that have not been approved for use in Vietnam. The types of medical equipment duocphep not used in Vietnam.
    - Food additives, enhancers food processing, micro-nutrients, thucpham functional foods potentially cocao, food preserved by irradiation, foods with modified genes have not been competent State agencies allow.
    - Products or materials containing amphibole group amiangthuoc.
    - Cigarettes, cigars and other types of drugs smuggled lathanh
 ► Services:
   - Trading in prostitution, organizing prostitution, trafficking in women and children.
   - Organizing gambling places for gambling in any form.
   - Secret Service investigation infringe upon the interests of the State and the rights and interests phapcua organizations and individuals.
   - Activity marriage brokerage business with foreign elements to achieve a profit.
   - Business activity broker father, mother, child, adoption factors on Foreign aim for profit.
3. The review mechanism, control information:
    a) Mechanisms to control information on the website:

   - Any client that can post on B2BVIETNAM and responsible for the postings, content store, advertising, email, chat, ...
   - After registering as an official member, members can post information to create products to make booths, ...
   - Customers in the coverage must take responsibility for the content and information posted on its Ad B2BVIETNAM
   - Customers must provide information information: Name, Address, Phone, Email, MST (Tax Code) enterprise, .... Where members are organizations or individuals engaged in commercial activities, independently, often, with business registration must be provided: Number, date and place of issue, a certificate of business registration or decision establish.
   - Customers must complete Ad Name, Price, and descriptive information for each product, must publish the correct categories.
   - Rights of the postings of customer postings, customers ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of content postings.
   - No sign of selling goods or providing services on the list of goods and services and restrictive business goods and services banned from business as prescribed. (Specifically prescribed moderation of each item)

   b) Form of posting:
   - All customers are members can post information through the following methods:
   - Post directly on the website B2BVIETNAM
   - Note: Members registered on B2BVIETNAM not allowed to use the nick impersonate Moderators, misleading, offensive, ... as your account name. All registered members deliberately deleted.
   c) violating the following information will be deleted:
   The news business by posting Moderators will check the content of information, how to present before browsing for display on the website. In case you need additional information or documentation to verify the authenticity, the website administrator will require implementation of additional business.
   - Violation of general provisions and one of the following requirements will be deleted without notice:
   - Private disrupts B2BVIETNAM interface.
   - Photo not related to products sold or images valid, ethical violations, habits and customs. Photo posted Home, Product Highlights B2BVIETNAM will be moderated before being published.
   - Sign the reactionary news content, pornography, cultural wealth and violate Vietnamese laws.
   - Post news too much, spam message: message content is identical or nearly identical.
   - The information is not specific to products.
   - The posting did not fit on B2BVIETNAM categories.
   - Booth censored but not fix all hang time within 2 days.
   - Spam advertising.
   - Account sign lease.
VIII. Liability in case of technical failures
     When performing transactions on floor, forcing the members must comply with the procedures manual. Exchange Management Board B2BVIETNAM EC is committed to providing the best quality service to members participating in the transaction. Circumstances arising technical error, software error or other errors resulting objectively member can not participate in transactions, members of the Management Board informs Exchange e-mail address: contact @ b2bvietnam. VN. We will fix the earliest in time, enabling the participants Exchange; However, Exchange Management Board will not be responsible in case settlement inform members not to be the MB, resulting from technical errors, communication line failure, software or other errors caused by the Management Board.
IX.Quyen and obligations of the Management Board of e-commerce websites www.b2bvietnam.vn
1) The right of the Management Board B2BVIETNAM eCommerce Exchange:

   - Exchange B2BVIETNAM EC will organize advertising promotions, referrals, provide products and services of other merchants with preferred rates to members enrolling after have completed the registration procedures online declaration of personal information involved and the conditions required by Exchange.
   - The Management Board will provide Exchange services free of charge to members buy used products, pay later, promotion services under the agreement of traders and individuals performing promotional Exchange . These policies will be published on the Exchange
   - Exchange Management Board shall have to request the implementation of promotional traders must provide full and legal responsibility for the information related to product promotion services.
   -In Case basis to prove membership to provide information for the Exchange inaccurate, misleading, incomplete or violate the law or the habits and customs of Vietnam, Exchange Management Board may the right to refuse, suspend or terminate your right to use the services of that member.
   - Exchange Management Board may terminate membership, the right to use one or all of the service members and shall inform the member within the at least one (01) in the case of tuang who violate the rules of the Exchange or behavior affects business activity on the trading floor.
   - Exchange Management Board may terminate your right to use the right services and the right member of the Exchange member if discovered Users bankrupt, convicted or are in time served, in case Users can continue to operate harm Exchange liability, with the fraudulent activity, forgery, causing market disorder, disruption of solidarity towards other members of the Exchange, activities violate current laws of Vietnam. In case of termination of membership and the right to use the service, all the certificates, membership rights granted shall automatically be valid and terminated.
   - Exchange of use copyrighted content services and international copyright law and the law on the protection of intellectual property in Vietnam. "ECommerce B2BVIETNAM Exchange", and all the icons, the contents according to the different languages ​​are owned by Service Company Limited Vietnam Business Connections prohibit any copying, use and Popular illegally on property rights.
2. Obligations and responsibilities of the Management Board eCommerce Exchange B2BVIETNAM
    - The Management Board responsible Exchange building Exchange include some major work such as research, design, procurement of hardware and software, Internet connectivity, policy development for Services for Exchange activity in the conditions and scope allowed.
   - The Management Board will conduct Exchange deployment and cooperation with partners in the construction of the service system, the utility serving the transactions of the participants and users on the trading floor.
   - Exchange Management Board responsible for the orientation, construction and supplement the system of knowledge and information on: foreign trade, electronic commerce, legislation system and national trade health, foreign markets, as well as news related to the operation of Exchange.
   - Exchange Management Board will conduct activities to promote and advertise Exchange foreign markets in scope and conditions permitting, contribute to the expansion, connecting the search needs of people first use (potential members) and foreign market development of the participants Exchange.
   - Exchange Management Board will try to the highest level in scope and conditions can to maintain the normal operation of the trading floor and fix the problem, such as technical problems with machines, error software, internet connection systems, human resources, social upheavals, natural disasters, power outages, the number 11 with the state agency or organization interested third. However, if the incident occurred on beyond control, is the case of force majeure which causes damage to the Exchange members are not subject to joint liability.
   - The Management Board of e-commerce transaction floor will advise members perform purchase promotional products and services through special trading floor is the application online payment function.
   - Exchange Board of Management responsible for developing e-commerce and the implementation of mechanisms to ensure the publication of information on the exchange of e-commerce is done correctly.
   - Exchange Management Board responsible commerce removed from website information goods and services when law violations detected or get reflected grounded authenticity of this information.
   - Ask the seller of goods or services on the list of goods, business services conditional on its website to provide certificates of satisfaction of business conditions for goods, services
   - Implement fully provide services to members as agreed charges.
X. The rights and responsibilities of participants on the website B2BVIETNAM
1. The right of Member B2BVIETNAM available

    - For participants Exchange membership will be free. The membership fee is understood as participation fee to operate on the Exchange without regard to other charges such as rent advertising, consulting services, other fees on the trading floor.
   - Members will be given a registration name and password to get into using the service, store managers and their transactions on the trading floor.
   - Members will be employees of Exchange support to use the tools, features to serve the construction of the pavilion, conduct transactions and the use of utility services on the Exchange.
   - Members will be entitled to the preferential policies by the Exchange or the third partner offers. The preferential policies will be posted directly or is sent directly to the members.
   - Members have the right to contribute ideas for the Exchange in the course of operation. The recommendations are sent directly by mail, fax or email to the Exchange in accordance contacts published on floor.
   - Members enjoy full charging of interest on the use of services provided by the website as agreed

2. Obligations of Member B2BVIETNAM available
   -Members Will be responsible for security and storage and all activities using the service under the name registered, your password. Members are responsible for timely notification to the Exchange about the acts unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, storage and registering his password to mutual cooperation process.
   -Members Commitment to information provided to Exchange and upload the information is accurate and complete (especially information relating to individual members). Members agreed to hold and change the information on the update, correct and complete.
   -Members Commitments, agreed not to use the services of trading in illegal purposes, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, exploration information illegal, destructive, create and play viruses cause damage to the system, configuration, transmission of trading information or use its services for purposes of speculation and market manipulation create orders, offering imitation, including dress Services for judging market demand. In case of violation, the member shall be responsible for their acts before the law.
   -Members Commitment not change, edit, assign transplant, copy, disseminate, distribute, supply and create the same tools of Exchange services provided to a third party without the the consent of the Exchange in this Regulation.
   -Members Not cause discredit act of trading of any kind as to cause disunity among members using registered names secondly, through a third party or propaganda, disseminating the information is not conducive to the prestige of the Exchange.
   - Providing certificates business qualify if goods or services provided in the list of goods and services possible.
   - Comply with the provisions of the law on payments, advertising, promotion and protection of intellectual property rights, protection of consumer rights and the provisions of other laws related to the sale of goods or provision floor service e-commerce transactions.
3) Terms of application:
    Regulation of trading on the official B2BVIETNAM EC takes effect from the date of signing the Decision attached to this Regulation. Trading Floor have rights and are subject to change regulations without notifying the members know. Regulation amended with effect from the date of decision on amending the Regulation takes effect. The members continue to use the service after the revised Regulation be published and implemented meant that they had to accept this revised Regulation.
4) Terms of commitments:
   - Company Limited DV Vietnam Business Connections is committed to comply with the provisions of this Regulation during the e-commerce service provider www.b2bvietnam.vn available. Simultaneously, the Company Limited DV Connect Enterprise Vietnam fully committed to reporting obligations under the law.
   - Contact Information Company Limited official DV Vietnam Business Connections:
VCCI Building 8th Floor 171 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
Phone: 083 932 2456 Fax: 083 932 2408
Email: contact@b2bvietnam.vn