How to post and for products

Update latest: 03.03.2015 17:19


 -There are 2 ways to post ads on VBCC:

+ Post product on home page:  Get benefit from increasing viewers

+ Post hot product: Get benefit from increasing competition on the product list


To post a product ads, please do the following:

Step  1: register your product position

Select the tab "Product manegement"


Step 2: Choosing a position

- Hot product: Display at product's category

- Homepage: Display at product's category at homepage

System will verify about time and position of product which display on

Note: If the demand for product advertise too much, system might verify again about time which is allowed to display on homepage (a bit early or late than the due date)

 You are now successfully registered for product ads

 You can check Product information and check registration status as following:

List of product advertise  at Tracking promotionmal

List of Ads which has not been expired  at Ads are displayed

List of  ads which has expired Ad has expired

"Tracking promotional"

You can see list of product which is registered to display on B2BVIETNAM and product display status


Step 3: accept 2 payment methods:

Payment by Credit cards (visa, master card)

Transfer payment

                     If you require any further details please    Contact us