Payment after

Update latest: 25.02.2015 14:03


Pay later” is a service that B2BVIETNAM acts as a third party to hold money from buyers and pay it to sellers when buyers and sellers confirm about their successful transfer.
If sellers do not transfer on time and it is confirmed as sellers’fault, buyers would receive their money back immediately.

Save international settlements fee.
- A safe service for buyers because they do not have to pay in advance
- A safe method for sellers because buyers’ money are transferred and kept by B2BVIETNAM 100%

How to use Pay Later service
1. Booking goods online with producers.
2. Buyers and sellers confirm using Pay Later service of B2BVIETNAM
3. Buyers transfer money
4. Seller transfer goods
5. Buyers get the bill and confirm online
6. Transfer money to sellers.

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